Zoey’s Birth Story

My sweet baby girl is six months old (last week). Let me be the cliché mom and just say, I cannot believe we’ve had her for half a year already!

Zoey's Birth Story

I haven’t actually written down her birth story (or Oliver’s), and it honestly isn’t anything super interesting or exciting. However, I am 100% the mom that loves telling her birth stories. And even though it’s been a while, I want to make sure to have it down so I don’t forget some details (some of which I’m sure I’ve already forgotten). So please indulge my nostalgia for about 3 minutes.

Zoey's Birth Story

Zoey’s Entrance to the World

Zoey was due April 4th, which was a Tuesday. I had a plan for my sister in law to come down the Friday before she was due to be here for Oliver.

The best laid plans, amiright??

I had a doctor’s appointment that Thursday, the 30th, and I was 3 cm dilated. Minor contractions started throughout the day and by about 11 pm they were pretty frequent.

Now everyone had told me that the second labor goes so much quicker than the first. Armed with this information, I quickly threw some things in my bag, put on yoga pants, and was ready to go…until the contractions went away. And then they started again and were painful…and then they got less painful and less frequent. This went on for-freaking-ever. We took walks and cleaned the house a little and played with Oliver. The contractions would just not stay consistent. Finally around 10:30am we took Oliver to the neighbor’s house (my brother and sister in law were en route from PA) and headed to the hospital just to see what they said.

Halfway there, Dan asked if we should go to the mall to walk around. He said that he knew I was in pain, but it didn’t seem as bad as with Oliver, so he was afraid they’d send me home. He also suggested Target, and that was tempting. But I countered with knowing I would spend money we didn’t need to, and also- Pizza Hut. But then I had a few painful contractions and (reluctantly) picked the hospital.

We got there and went to triage, I got into a gown and everything, and I just knew they were going to send me home. My contractions had all but stopped. When she checked me, though, I was 5 cm and it was proclaimed that I was staying. And y’all, I don’t know what happened at that point, but active labor came STRONG and out of nowhere. I went from swearing I was going to go home to feeling like I had never felt that much pain before (other then when I was in labor with Oliver, but a woman in labor is not the most logical).

Contractions come frequently and painfully, and they (finally) took me back to my room to get the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and went over all the possible side effects, to which I answered, “just give it to me!” When I had the epidural with Oliver, it kicked in right away and I didn’t feel another contraction.

I was expecting the same thing this time, but to my surprise, the second I laid down I felt like I needed to push. I told the nurse and she was like, “oh I doubt it, but I’ll check ya.” She checks me, proceeds to yelp, “OH, we’re having a baby!” and calls the doctor.

Zoey's Birth Story

I vaguely remember her telling another nurse, “he told me to have her push, but I’m not delivering a baby!” And I was just like, “y’all, I have to PUSH!”

Dan and I were both really impressed with how quickly the doctor got there and got dressed. There were about 10 people in the room this time (there were 4 with Oliver), including some med students, but the epidural had never kicked in and guys, I can honestly say I have never experienced that much pain in my entire life. I could not care less who was in the room, I just wanted her out. I pushed once before the doctor told me I was either going to have horrible tearing or he could cut me. He asked which I preferred (neither wasn’t an option). I picked the cutting as long as I didn’t feel it- I believe my completely incoherent response was, “oh my goooosh, it hurts so bad!” Duh.

So he shot me up with some lidocaine, cut, and two quick pushes later a little head emerged. The doctor told me to bring my hands down and deliver my baby. I grabbed her little shoulders, pulled her up on my chest, and cried right along with her. I don’t think there’s any way to describe the utter joy and disbelief of that moment.

Zoey's Birth Story

This all happened pretty quickly- we got to the hospital around 11:30am and Zoey was born at 12:55pm. Super glad we didn’t go to Target (but believe me, pizza was high on my priority list and was devoured shortly after Zoey was born).

Zoey's Birth Story

Our sweet girl came barreling into the world, and we fell so instantly in love with her. All 6 lbs, 3 oz and 21 inches of her. She wanted to eat right away and took her sweet time opening her eyes.

Zoey's Birth Story

Timing worked out perfectly, My sister in law and brother were able to come in the afternoon to visit. My grandparents were able to take a detour on their way home from a vacation to meet their great-granddaughter. My parents got into town that night to meet her, as well. (I’m not at all the person who minds visitors in the hospital. I actually love being surrounded by family and close friends.)

Zoey's Birth Story

Recovery after this delivery was so much easier and faster than with Oliver, which I think is due to the fact that she just came so darn quickly! The hardest part of the whole thing was that Oliver wasn’t allowed in the hospital due to flu season.  He couldn’t meet Zoey until she was a few days old. Also difficult- for 9 months I had been telling people I was having a baby in April. I’m still adjusting to her having a March birthday- was not expected!

Zoey's Birth Story

Zoey's Birth Story

If you stuck with me through this- thanks! I just love birth stories and really wanted to be able to put down as much as I can remember of Zoey’s! (Oliver’s will be coming soon.)

If you have a birth story- did it go as you expected it to?! As much as I love telling my birth stories, I love hearing other people’s!

Have a phenomenal day!

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