The Joys of Parenting

I’ve had a lot of posts lately that talk about the hard times I have with parenting. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can reference here, here, and here.)

I have no regrets about this because parenting two is incredibly challenging, and I think it’s so important to be honest about that. However, if you don’t know me, there’s a small chance you may think I hate being a mom. (I hope not.) But I’m in a cheery mood (I just had coffee and apple crisp), so I thought I should write about a few things that make me LOVE being a mama.

The Joys of Parenting

What Makes This Mama Gig Worth It
  • Seeing babies become little humans. Y’all, I am truly the parent that gets excited whenever my kids learns a new thing, no matter how small. “DAN! DAN! HE TOOK A TISSUE AND SWIPED IT BY HIS NOSE!” Genuine excitement over the most mundane things. But to watch a tiny human being that YOU created become a little independent being is the most amazing (and yes, frustrating), thing in the entire world. I’m obsessed with every little new trick my kids learn.The Joys of Parenting
  • Having my kids recognize me as mama. So this one probably sounds a little silly at first look. Backstory is that I’ve never been good at calming down kids that are crying. They just don’t want me. And I was really worried when I was younger about what would happen if my own kids wouldn’t calm down for me one day. Y’all, my favorite feeling in the entire world is the way my kids’ faces light.up when they see me. When I pick Oliver up from preschool and he sprints to the fence yelling, “MAMA! MAMA!” When Zoey wakes up in the morning and sees me face and gets the biggest smile. My heart melts every single time. It is by far my favorite thing ever in the world.
  • Watching my kids together. I will admit that this one comes with its own challenges as we’re currently trying to teach Oliver that it’s not kind to kick Zoey in the face. But aside from that- he loves her so much. When he wakes up in the morning, he comes out of the room asking for “Bo-Bo” (the only name he can pronounce for her). When he gets in the car after preschool, “where Bo-Bo?” He loves her, and she just laughs at everything he does. I’m so excited to see their little relationship as they grow up together.
  •  The responsibility. So sometimes this terrifies me, and I have a whole other post on this topic alone. But I so treasure and value the opportunity I have to be Oliver and Zoey’s mama. It is an immense responsibility, and one I don’t take lightly, but everyday I am so grateful that I get to help shape and mold these kiddos into the light our future needs.
  • Knowing my babies so well. I hope this makes sense, but I love how intimately and well I know my kids. I love that when they cry, 9.9 times out of 10, I know within a few minutes what’s wrong with them. I know what certain yells mean. Generally, I can decipher Oliver’s unintelligible babble. I know what clothes Oliver will let me put on him. I know what will make Zoey laugh when she’s upset. There is something so indescribably satisfying about knowing two little people just as well as I know myself. (Until they’re 16 and I “will just never understand, MOM!”)
  • Parenting with my husband. Parenting is so hard and has undeniably put its own stress on mine and Dan’s marriage. But it’s added so much to it, as well. There is nothing I love more in this world than seeing my husband be an amazing daddy. It’s only rivaled by how much Oliver and Zoey love their daddy. I LOVE how Oliver runs to the door when he hears, “daddy’s home!” I love how Zoey giggles when Dan picks her up. Parenting with Dan is the greatest joy.The Joys of Parenting
  • Kids are hilarious. In short, kids, specifically toddlers, are never ending sources of amusement. No less than three times a day Oliver will do something that just makes me droop my head and laugh. They say for every 10 infuriating things a toddler does, he does 1 cute/hilarious thing, and this is so true. And that 1 thing makes everything worth it. It’s really hilarious watching a 2 year old navigate the dangers of life- like specks of dirt that you would think were eating his flesh.The Joys of Parenting

There are so many more things, but I’m capping it here for the sake of keeping you around. On the days when parenting is super hard, I can generally count on at LEAST one of these things reminding me how much I love the title of Mama.

The Joy of Parenting

Lemme know- what’s one of your favorite things about being a mama (or daddy)?

Have a phenomenal day!

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They Joys of Parenting

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  1. Mary Leigh

    October 23, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Kids are so hilarious! And it is such a joy to be parents. You are so right though. It is one of the hardest and most challenging things and yet still on of the most wonderful and rewarding. I love watching them learn and grow and I can’t wait to see my son be a big brother in a few months!

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