Mama’s Monday Recap- A Weekend in Review

Happy Monday, friends. Is it just me or did Monday come rather abruptly this week? Like…I legitimately feel like it was just Friday.

Blackmon Monday Recap

But the weekend was the first perfectly fall weekend we’ve had in Charlotte, and it was amazing. I feel like we did all of the things- apple picking, corn mazing, baby food making, football watching- all good things! Lemme give ya as brief a breakdown as I can…

Blackmon Weekend Recap
  • We took a mini road trip 1.5 hours away to go apple picking and corn mazing. They had warm apple cider and pumpkin spice donuts, so #worthitBlackmon Monday Recap
  • Activities with toddlers are stressful. We had SO much fun, but gosh. Between trying to prevent Oliver from eating rotten apples and pushing a stroller through fields (our worst idea), there is quite a bit of anxiety that comes with the fun.
  • Let me just condense a potentially long story about our cornmaze adventure and just say that it got hot, there were lots of circles, Oliver kept wanting to go through the actual corn as opposed to staying on the path, and we finally just went back out the entrance. We promptly left the orchard, got Chick-Fil-A, and all of us but Dan passed out on the way home.Blackmon Monday Recap
  • We knocked 3 items off of our fall bucket list this weekend, so I’m pretty pumped about that.
  • On that note, send me your best apple recipes. I have a gazillion, and that’s after making an incredibly large apple crisp.
  • Bonfires and s’mores with friends on perfect fall nights are legit my favorite way to spend my time.
  • I made baby food. From scratch. And my little foodie loved it! So much easier than I thought, and it’s going to save us so much money!
  • Friends introduced us to a diner here in Charlotte that has croissant French toast. It’s even more amazing than it sounds. Their chicken and waffles also looked phenomenal.
  • Zoey’s half birthday was yesterday! Sweet girl is 6 months old, and it simultaneously feels like I just had her and she’s been here forever.Blackmon Monday Recap
  • Fall weather means fall fashion! You know I wore a super lightweight and comfortable sweater from my fave trendy online boutique Pink Blush! This sweater was so perfect for the cooler morning, and like all their clothes, is more comfortable than is explicable.Blackmon Monday Recap

Happy Monday, y’all! Enjoy the start to your week!

Blackmon Monday Recap

Blackmon Monday RecapBlackmon Monday Recap Blackmon Monday RecapBlackmon Monday Recap Blackmon Monday Recap Blackmon Monday RecapBlackmon Monday Recap


Have a phenomenal day!


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