Not Your {Average} Mom’s Gift Guide

I️ am one of those very strict no Christmas until after Thanksgiving type of people. I️ blame my mother, because she had that rule growing up.
BUT. I’m making an exception for a holiday gift guide for mama! So basically take this list, show it to your family, and get ready for a magical Christmas morning.
I received the Baby Bullet and Pink Blush top for free in exchange for a review, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. You can read my full (but boring) disclosure policy here.
A Gift Guide for Mama’s
  1. Gift cards.
I hope you didn’t leave already. I️ now, I️ know, how dare I️ start with something so generic. But listen. I️ asked for gift cards last year because I️ knew I️ would want to go shopping after Zoey was born, but I️ also knew I️ would never justify a full blown shopping spree on myself. The gift cards I️ got allowed me a girls day with my mom and sister, to splurge on myself without worrying about our bank account, and to update my wardrobe. I️ loved it, and I️ bet the Mom in your life would, too.
  1. Wine of the month club
I️ don’t know a mom alive who hasn’t needed a good glass of Pinot to unwind every once in a while. Wine of the month clubs are a really fun way to get to try some different wines from around the country (or world!), and you can generally choose from either a 3 or 6 month subscription. And seriously, what better gift than wine at your front door each month?!
  1. Baby Bullet

A Gift Guide for Mom's

So listen. I’m not usually an advocate for an appliance as a gift, but y’all. I just wrote a post about making your own baby food. If you know someone who does that, this gift will literally change a mama’s life. We spent a fair amount of money on babyfood for Oliver. I’m not only saving money with the Baby Bullet, but I️ know that it’s all whole foods that I️ choose. I️ know they’re healthy for my daughter. It also saves so much time compared to using a blender, and the silicone packs make it so I️ can freeze single servings, thereby minimizing my waste. In addition to the silicone packs, the Baby Bullet comes with a serving tray of 6 little containers with date turners so you can be sure your little’s food is always fresh! All that to say- when you gift someone a Baby Bullet, you’re gifting them time, money, and health, which is completely invaluable. This gift also will last a long time- it comes with two blades, so right now I can make soft purees for Zoey, and in a few weeks I can use the second blade to make more textured food for her.
Gift Guide for Mom's
A Gift Guide for Mom's
  1. Day at the Spa
Did anyone else kind of underestimate the physical toll of motherhood?? Aside from the pushing the baby out thing. Mom’s are pulled on and pushed on and climbed on and treated like personal jungle gyms. I accomplish 77% of my daily tasks with a 16 pound baby in one hand and a 30 pound toddler on my leg. Also, it’s stressful, so knots like WHOA. So giving a day to the spa?? Luxurious and needed. (Also, kid free time, so you really cannot go wrong!)
 5. Pink Blush
Come on, y’all knew I couldn’t make a gift post without mentioning this trendy online boutique! They’re clothes are all so incredibly soft, nursing friendly for your mama friends, and beautiful! My obsession with florals hasn’t faded, and I’m living in this sweater this week!
A Gift Guide for Mom A Gift Guide for Mom
So tell me- what’s one thing on your must have list for the holidays??
Have a phenomenal day!
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A Gift Guide for Mom


  1. pizzapullups

    November 6, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    That sweater is so cute on you! I love getting gift cards, for me it is the gift of guilt free shopping.

    1. Alex

      November 7, 2017 at 11:18 am

      Thank you!! Yes, gift cards are my favorite!

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