Kory + Desi Maternity

I remember my brother coming back from his trip to Spain. He had been there for 3 weeks teaching a basketball camp and vacation Bible school, and when he came home he kept talking about this girl named Desi.

We teased him about it, though there was a bit of a language barrier (as in, she didn’t speak English and he didn’t speak Spanish), so he would just laugh and say, “no, no”.

Then he went back the next summer. And when he came home he could not. stop. talking about her. They Skyped a lot and he said they were just getting to know each other. (It should be mentioned that my brother became fluent in Spanish in like, a week.) Then he went to the little island of Tenerife for three months. He asked her to be his girlfriend over there, and thus began their new adventure.

In between the cross-world flights and the too-short visits, these two remained so committed to each other. They had a surprise wedding, followed by another separation, followed by a beautiful wedding ceremony in Spain. They just bought their first house together and in a few short weeks, they’ll be welcoming my beautiful little niece into this world.

Kory and Desi, I am so so excited for you and this new adventure coming your way. I am so grateful you let me capture some sweet moments of this short time in your life. Because I cannot wait to meet your sweet Kiara Aylen- love you both so much!


Have a phenomenal day!

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