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Oh m goodness, y’all. I feel like I’ve been on a very unintentional blogging hiatus lately. It hasn’t been purposeful, but with my photography business getting busy and family and all of the things…life had to get prioritized.

But that’s what I love about blogging. I really do strive to be consistent and putting something fun or useful out for y’all, but when life happens, there’s no pressure to push out 4 posts a week. So if you still or are following along with my little blog, thanks for sticking with me during this little break!

I wanted to just kick things (back) off with some family/life updates!

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1. The Spartan Race

Dan has been wanting to do some type of running obstacle race (think Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash) for quite some time. He finally found one coming to Charlotte called the Spartan Race. He signed up with a friend, but unfortunately said friend has been sick for a while now and isn’t able to do it. I don’t want Dan to do it by himself, so I volunteered to do it with him. Then I thought about it and I regret my decision a little bit. I am excited because it’ll be an accomplishment, for sure, but I’m already thinking about how sore I’ll be on Sunday, and oi…

2. Photography has been busy!

This one has been such a blessing! I officially started my photography business at the beginning of July. It’s been 5 months full of self doubt and wondering if I’m able to make it and wondering how I’m going to get clients. But y’all, God provides. Every single time. Some amazing things have happened in the 5 short months I’ve started. I have several of my own weddings booked, I’ve met amazing, generous photographers willing to share their knowledge and let me come to shoots with them, and I’ve had portrait sessions pretty consistently. This is part of the reason for the step back I took from blogging- editing started taking up my blogging time! This has been so great, and I’m so excited about it! And if your in or around Charlotte and looking for a photographer, or know someone who is….lemme know. 😉

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3. Curve Balls

Life throws you curve balls, y’all. We had to replace our hot water heater two weeks ago, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of doing this yet…it’s expensive. Thankfully this happened right when we got our tax return back so we could pay outright without going into our savings, but that means reallocating some funds. To be very honest with y’all, I am choosing an attitude of thankfulness, but I’m also really disappointed. We were going to use that money to pad our savings even more and finish some things around the house, and now that’s not possible. Adulting is not at all fun sometimes, but now I guess we have another opportunity to allow God to provide. This isn’t meant to be complaining- but life threw us a curve ball! They aren’t fun, but if you were recently thrown one, too- you’re not alone.

4. A teething baby and an attitude discovery. 

Zoey has 4 molars, two canines, and a bottom tooth coming in. All at the same time. I’ll just let that tell you how she’s been lately. And Oliver has recently decided to become the most opinionated, strong willed two year old there ever was (at least that I’ve had to parent). Let’s just say I’ve had more joyous times in life. I love that kid so much, but y’all…he has a gift at pushing I am working everyday to have more patience with him. Let’s just say time outs have been used mightily lately.

5. Sales on sales

So I am not at all a fashion blogger, and I really don’t have any intention on becoming one. We are on a budget, though, and sales are our best friend. I follow some amazing fashion bloggers, but once they start sharing $400 sunglasses…I’m out. I know other people like that, too. So if you’re up for some affordable pieces, I’m going to share some of the best sales a few times throughout the week. You can check the blog for those, but the best way to stay on top of these is by following me on Instagram HERE and paying attention to my stories! I’ll always share the sale, a code if needed, and where to find a link to my favorite items.

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I also have a Shop My Instagram page, so if I ever post anything on Instagram that you like or want to find something similar, you can usually find it there!

(I do want to disclaim that the products that are linked are affiliate links. If you click on a link and buy anything within that session, I do get a small [very small] commission. This helps support my blog which I use to help support my family! I greatly appreciate you supporting me by shopping through those links!)

So that’s pretty much it! Nothing crazy, just a brief catch up for you to see where we are in life! I’m working on a post rounding up some books that I’ve read recently, so be on the lookout for that!

Have a phenomenal day!

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